The Aspire Cobble Starter Kit 

This beautifully designed starter kit fits perfectly in the hand with its ergonomic feel and shape. Whilst not only feeling great to use it looks pretty incredible too with their eye-catching designs and textures.
Designed and made for both new vapers who are looking to take their first dive into vaping or seasoned vapers who want a stealth vape with decent battery life and portability. 
The Aspire Cobble is equipped with a 700Mah battery built in so it can easily last you a full day but is also quick to charge with the included USB cable in the box. 
Simple to use with its clean and easy pod system. Refilling is a breeze by just popping out the pod pull the tab and fill, its as simple as that! 

The Aspire Coble is a great addition to any vapers collection old and new, even if it's just as a collector's piece with its amazing design. 

Aspire Cobble Start Kit Includes

1 x Cobble Battery
1 x Cobble refillable pod
1 x Micro USB charging cable
1 x Warranty card
1 x User Manual

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