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Nasty Juice E-Liquid

Nasty Juice E-Liquid has been a big name in the UK Vaping market since April 2016 and you'll struggle to find any dedicated vaper that has not tried (and loved) their range of juices. 
Hailing from Malaysia, Nasty Juice has achieved worldwide fame for their exotic fruit flavours, unique and stylish bottles and packaging and of course the epic clouds you'll blow when you vape their e-juice! 
We stock a stunning range of Nasty Juice in 50ml Shortfills or in stylish 5x10ml bottles, most of which come in cool tin cases. Nasty Juice now extends into different ranges, covering the original Nasty Juice flavours but in addition, there's the Nasty Tobacco Series and Nasty Ballin'. All are delicious! 

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Nasty Juice E-Liquid Flavours:

The Nasty Juice range of e-liquids keeps on growing and getting better! There's now three ranges and a whole selection of subranges to choose from. Each one boasts incredible flavours crafted with the very best ingredients, presented in packaging that's as cool as it is eye-catching. We'd buy them just for the tins but the fact the e-liquid is premium is a bonus! 

Nasty Juice Original Range in Shortfill and 5 x 10ml Multipacks:

Fat Boy: Mango and Mint
Trap Queen: Strawberry
Devil Teeth: Honeydew and Mint
ASAP Grape: Grape and Berry
Bad Blood: Blackcurrant and Mint
Cush Man: Mango
Slow Blow: Pineapple and Lime
Green Apple: Apple
Wicked Haze: Blackcurrant and Lemonade

Nasty Tobacco Series

Bronze Blend: Caramel and Tobacco
Silver Blend: Vanilla and Tobacco
Gold Blend: Almond and Tobacco

Nasty Ballin'

Migos Moon: Orange and Lemonade
Bloody Berry: Berry and Lemon
Passion Killer: Passionfruit
Hippie Trail: Lemon and Lime


Nasty Juice E-Liquid Wholesale

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