CBD Vape Shot

CBD Vape Shot

Turn your favourite E-Liquids into CBD E-Liquids with this revolutionary CBD shot. 
Choose your desired strength then add to any E-liquid to transform it. a simple to use shot in 3 different strengths. 

CBD Vape Shot started out as a collaboration between Experienced vapers and a skilled team of Hemp botanical experts to give you some of the smoothest and pure CBD liquid on the market in the form of a shot.

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CBD Vape Shot

These Vape Shots come in three different Strengths for both beginners and intermediates. Simply select your desired strength, add it to your favourite E-Liquid and give it a good shake.

The Strengths

250Mg: Beginner
500Mg: Mid-Level
1000Mg: Intermediate

CBD Vape Shots at Wholesale Prices

These CBD Vape SHots are an excellent addition to for any vaper, allowing you to convert your favourite E-Liquids into CBD vapes and are available at wholesale prices.