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About Us

Our Background

GS Distribution was formed in late 2013 to service the ever growing vaping community by director Guy Samuel, who spent the previous 3 years in the electronic cigarette industry. Enlisting the help of his 2 brothers, with vastly differing backgrounds, they aimed to source and distribute the finest vape related products in the world. As our customer base grew, so did the requirement for a streamlined and easy-to-use ordering platform. 


Who Are We Now?

With deep roots in the global distribution business, Vape Orders are now well known in the vape industry for our high end products, fast delivery and impeccable bespoke service. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of the vape industry and we’re always prepared to offer guidance and support to our customers where desired; in an international market that’s still in its early days, we’re determined to instil confidence to our clients, and become the anchor for a solid, efficient partnership.

We offer complete transparency to our customers, believing that clarity is the only path to provide simple, efficient and professional service. Every day we focus on discovering new ways to support our retailers, and work closely with our clients to help grow the brands we represent, and further the universal growth of our industry. We source only the finest e-liquids, and rigourously test every product we stock to ensure it meets our high standards; every product we sell is of the highest quality, an excellent flavour profile and must fully comply with all laws and regulations. 

2017 is set to be a ground-breaking year for the vape industry in the EU with new TPD legislations; our first step towards creating solid foundations for our future has been to safeguard ourselves against the implications that this change can bring. At Vape Orders, we choose to take this new challenge as an opportunity to welcome innovative products and technology, and we warmly receive new clients that share our aspiration for success. 


Wholesale Orders Online

Vapeorders.com is your go-to website for all your wholesale vaping needs and we proudly offer exclusive ranges of premium UK and US e-juices. Our aim is to improve your ordering process by providing access to prices and stock levels 24 hours a day. We understand that running a vape shop is not easy, but we believe that re-ordering stock should be, and so we've developed a platform to simplify the process, saving you time and money. Click here to find out How to Order.


Delivery & Shipping

Vapeorders.com offer flat rate & express delivery. Free shipping on all orders over £200. Please Click Here for more Delivery  information. 


Thank you for visiting Vape Orders - where service and efficiency are our top priorities.






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