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At Vape Orders, the phone is typically answered within several rings. We offer complete transparency to customers, believing that clarity is the only path to provide simple, efficient and professional service. Every day the focus is on discovering new ways to support retailers, working closely with clients to help grow the brands we represent to further the universal growth of the industry.


As well as maintaining a high standard of professionalism, Vape Orders offer customers a plethora of benefits, including next day delivery, no shipping charges on orders over £200, and most importantly, simplicity. This website has been created so that customers can order their products around the clock, directly from their computer or smartphone. The ordering process couldn’t be easier; once verified, clients can simply login, select from the wide variety of products, and provided the order is placed before 2pm, your stock will arrive the next working day. For international customers, currencies for many countries are provided, and our international sales team have a wide knowledge of rules and regulations of vaping overseas.


The products that we stock have been handpicked in a rigorous selection process; whilst we stock huge premium brands such as Twelve Monkeys and Naked 100, we also travel the world to discover exciting companies; we select the brands we represent based upon their passion and dedication to the craft of e-liquid creation. It’s this organic process that feeds into the way we conduct business here at Vape Orders; we support genuine brands as well as the clients we work with. We offer guidance and advice wherever needed, and offer unbiased opinions about the industry and competitor products.


We believe that service goes beyond a bank transfer; after you’ve received your product, we want to know your thoughts; if the products are flying off your shelves, amazing! However, if you find that selling a particular line is a struggle, we’ll be on hand to offer guidance in the next direction. At Vape Orders we’re keen to create long-lasting partnerships rather than quick sales.

We hope that you’ll enjoy working with us! Our team welcomes any questions or queries you may have about our products/services. 


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