Officine Svapo

Officine Svapo E-liquid

Officine Svapo E-liquid is probably the best tobacco e-juice in the universe. With its fine Italian craftsmanship and refined flavour combinations, creating a more traditional vape experience for those with a classical palate; all that's missing is a pipe and a leather armchair.
We stock the rich tobacco-inspired flavours in 10ml or 20ml bottles and a selection of nicotine levels... All available for wholesale orders. 

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Officine Svapo E-liquid Flavours 

If you love the classic tobacco flavours and rich, sophisticated vapes then this classic range will delight you. With the choice of 5mg or 10mg Nicotine levels in the 10ml bottles or the option to add your own nicotine to the 20ml bottles, you certainly have options! 

10ml Officine Svapo

55 Latino: Tobacco
33 Kentucky: Tobacco and Maple
Leonardo: Tobacco and Almonds

20ml Officine Svapo

Old Kentucky: Tobacco and Maple
Leonardo: Tobacco and Almonds
Old Time Latino: Tobacco

Officine Svapo E-liquid Wholesale

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