Twelve Monkeys

They've landed! The critically acclaimed Twelve Monkeys e-liquid brand have arrived at Vape Orders. Boasting unique and delicious e-liquids, each one carefully created to tantalise the tastebuds; from the sweet, gourmand notes in Macaraz to the punchy fruitiness in Matata, we promise that you and your customers will go ape for these fantastic juices!

All Twelve Monkeys e-liquids available at wholesale prices now... In 50ml Shortfills or 3x10ml packs supplied in an attractive case.

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Twelve Monkeys - Harambae
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Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Blood Orange, Guava
30ml,3 x 10ml

Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid In The UK:

We're extremely proud to stock Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid for the UK vaping market. Famed for producing the very highest quality vape juice, the twelve monkeys brand uses the finest ingredients and flavourings to ensure the very best product out there. If you've ever vaped Twelve Monkeys then you will know exactly what we mean! 

Twelve Monkeys Flavours:

We currently stock two package sizes in Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid: 50ml  shortfills and the 3x10ml packs. The ever-popular flavours now come in two ranges:

Twelve Monkeys Classic Flavours:

  • Hakuna: Ripe Fuji & Granny Smith apples with refreshing cranberry

  • Tropika: This secret blend of fruits is refreshing and mysterious

  • Congo Cream: Smooth vanilla & fresh strawberries. A simple classic

  • Kanzi: Strawberries, kiwi and fresh watermelon vibes

  • Mangabeys: Pineapple, guava and mango, tastes like the tropics

  • O-Rangz: Lemony, wheaty cereal flavour with cool milk... You'll go loopy

  • Matata: Fresh apple and sweet, ripe grapes

  • MacaRaz: French macaron, almonds and raspberry. Confection perfection!

  • Bonogurt: Sweet berries with tart yoghurt

  • Harambae: Lemon, lime, blood orange and guava goodness

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Range:

  • Hakuna Iced: Granny Smith apples, Fuji apples & frozen cranberries

  • Sabae Iced: Tangy but sweet pineapple, fresh raspberries & a citrus lime twist

  • Matata Iced: Sweet grapes, juicy apples and a menthol kick

  • Nikko Iced: Watermelon and zesty lemonade

  • Kanzi Iced: Watermelon, sweet strawberry and kiwi with crushed ice

... So, whether you like the classic range of fruit-inspired flavours or the new range with an icy kick, we know that you will love these Twelve Monkeys E-Liquids. Especially at these wholesale prices!