SOLT E-Liquid For Pods and Starter Kits

The Solt e-liquid range is ideal for anyone trying to transition from smoking to vaping. Because the e-liquid has a high concentration of nicotine (20mg) you will find that it delays the craving in the early days and the nicotine salt ensure that you get a smooth hit without compromising on flavour or nicotine. 

You will continue to get your nicotine fix with Solt e-liquid thanks to the nicotine salt which is much more effective at delivering the nicotine hit than normal freebase liquids. Available in 10ml bottle and a wide selection of flavours from traditional tobacco to fruits, desserts or even refreshing mint.

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Solt E-Liquid Flavours:

We know that you may want to stick to traditional tobacco flavours, to begin with but it's nice to have options and boy, do Solt provide those! Ranging from wicked fruits to cool mint and even desserts, there is sure to be a flavour to suit you in a nicotine strength that means you're not missing out. 

Berry: Forest Fruits with a Mint-Ice Blast
Blackjack: Aniseed, Liquorice and Dark Berries
Mango: Mango and Mandarin
Menthol: Fresh Peppermint
Tobacco: Rich, smokey tobacco
Vanilla: Creamy Vanilla Custard

Solt E-Liquid At UK Wholesale Prices:

We keep plenty of stock when it comes to Solt e-liquids and know these are surely the future for smokers who want to give up.

All our prices are aimed for large orders from UK vape shops and we'll ship the same day whenever possible to ensure the Solt range is on your shelves the very next day. Just sign up for a wholesale account and sign in to view our exclusive prices.