Salt E-Liquid 20mg Nicotine In 10ml Bottles

The Salt E-liquid range is designed to aid smokers to give up tobacco and provide a viable alternative to cigarettes when it comes to the nicotine. Each 10ml bottle in the Salt range contains 20mg of Nicotine derived from Nic Salts which provide the most effective way of absorbing nicotine into the system from vaping. 
The wide range of Salt E-liquid flavours will suit any palate, with traditional tobacco or menthol to exotic fruits, cola and even aniseed. With the high nicotine content and tasty flavours, the Salt selection is perfect for POD and mouth-to-lung devices.

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Salt E-Liquid Flavours

Salt E-Liquid is unlike many of the alternative high-nicotine e-liquids because the sheer number of flavour options are so diverse. Each 10ml bottle contains Nic Salts which are proven to be the most effective method of obtaining and absorbing nicotine into the system from vaping. Plus, the flavours are delicious:

Berry Bomb: Red Berries, Aniseed, Menthol
Cherry Cola: Cherry Cola
Dragons Dream: Dragon Fruit, Blueberry
Glacier: Menthol
Gold Rush: Tobacco
Mango Passion: Mango, Passion Fruit
Orange Juice: Orange Juice
Peachy: Peach Apricot, Cream
Pineapple Breeze: Pineapple, Menthol

Salt E-Liquid Wholesale

We provide ultra-low prices for wholesale customers on the Salt E-Liquid range. All you need to do is make sure you have signed up for a wholesale account and signed in to view the low prices. We ship the same working day for next-day delivery wherever possible to ensure your vape store is kept fully-stocked!