Pomme E-Liquid

Pomme E-Liquid is French for apple but these scrumptious E-Liquids are lovingly crafted in the USA.
Available in both a 50ml shortfill and 30ml Multipacks (3x10ml) beautiful blends of apple with a whole host of different flavours sure to leave your mouth watering for more.
with a ratio of 70/30 VG/PG, you can blow dense clouds without compromising on flavour at all.

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Pomme E-Liquid Flavours

Each flavour in the pomme range starts with a delicious base of apple combined with firm favourites such as warm cinnamon, baked crepe and even more apple!

Pomme E-Liquid Range

Pomme Deux: Doubble Apple
Pomme Bon Bon: Apple, Cinnamon, Pastry
Pomme Rouge: Apple, Candy

Pomme E-Liquids at Wholesale prices

We love this French apple range straight from the states and are delighted to be able to offer it at a wholesale price. There are no bad apples in this range!