Phat Phog

Phat Phog E-Liquid

The Phat Phog E-juice range has hit the UK shores from their home in Malaysia. Each 25ml bottle is a glorious blend of exotics fruits and other flavours that expertly combine the right amount of sweet with just enough tang to make even the biggest fruit aficionados mouth water! 
Phat Phog's flavour arsenal is fruity and intense, featuring tropical fruits such as guava, melon, lychee, pineapple and mango with popular grape, blackcurrant and berries. The Phat Phrost range add an extra kick with cooling menthol ice that will keep you coming back for more! 

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Phat Phog E-Juice Flavours

The Phat Phog range comes in two distinct types of flavour: The original Phat Phog selection and Phat Phrost range with take those delicious fruity tastes and give them a menthol kick! 
All are supplied in 25ml bottles with a 60 VG to 40 PG mix meaning they can be vaped in almost any tank or device. 

Phat Phog Flavours:

Phat G: Grape and Spearmint
Phat Mango: Mango and Mint
Phat Phunk: Pineapple
Phatcurrant: Blackcurrant and Berries

Phat Phrost Flavours:

Phat Phelon: Melon and Ice
Phatchee: Lychee and Ice
Phropical: Tropical, Guava and Ice