Ohm Grown

Ohm Grown E-Liquid

Ohm Grown e-liquid is a full-on American road trip showcasing flavours that capture America at its best, from the streets of the big apple all the way to the county fair, a range of juices that is sure to get you lusting for an American road trip to sample the treats for yourself!

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Ohm Grown E-liquid Flavours

This range is lovingly crafted around places that are rooted in the heart of America with sweet treats that are loved across all 50 states. 
From fried Beignets to Granola and yoghurt, this range has a flavour to suit every taste.

Ohm Grown E-Liquid Range

New York New York: Granola, Vanilla, Yogurt
County Fair: Iced Lemonade, Raspberry
The Big Easy: Fried Beignet, Icing Sugar

Ohm Grown E-Liquid at wholesale prices

The ohm Grown range encapsulates some firm American flavours in a small but mouthwatering range. We are super excited to be able to offer them at wholesale prices.