Ohm Boy

Ohm Boy

The Origins range from Ohm Boy are out of this world!
Crafted by Oxford Vapers with over 5 years experience in the vape industry this premium UK E-liquid range sure to hit the spot with every vaper.

The award-winning Cosmic Coffe is a stand out with its caramel notes, creamy milk and lashings of fresh coffee. If coffee vapes aren't your thing then Hubble Bubble should be in your sights with vanilla bean ice cream and bubblegum notes, a refreshing mix that is easily an all day vape. 
The range also provides a sour offering in the form of Lightspeed Lemonade with its tastebud tingling blend of ripe mango, sour raspberry and sweet Lemonade.

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These E liquids will take you to the moon and beyond!! Cosmic flavours to mystify your tastebuds and mesmerize your mind; choose from chilled out coffee, tempting ice cream or magnificent fruits to send you orbiting through a galaxy of flavour. 

Ohm Boy Origins Range
Cosmic Coffee: Coffee, Creamy Milk, Caramel
Hubble Bubble: Vanilla, Ice Cream, Bubblegum
Lightspeed Lemonade: Lemonade, Raspberry, Mango

Ohm Boy Origins at Wholesale prices

We are proud to offer the Ohm Boy origins range for wholesale. A range that is rooted in the UK and specially crafted for the incredible flavour that Ohm Boy is known for.