Milkshake Man

Milkshake Man E-Liquid

The classic and iconic milkshake flavour is often imitated but rarely replicated when it comes to e-liquid... Until now! 
The Milkshake Man E-juice range from Marina Vape manages to perfect the flavour combination that you would associate with American diners or ice cream parlours and it's truly delicious. As it was created in the USA you can bet that Marina Vape did more than a little product testing when they were perfecting the recipe and it shows. 
Specialising in fruit milkshake flavours, you will find that Milkshake Man also has a huge 90% VG mix to make the clouds as huge as the taste. Perfect for an epic sub-ohm setup. 

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Milkshake Man E-Liquid Flavours:

You can bet that the Milkshake Man flavour range from Marina Vape has been tried and tested because you know perfection when you taste it. Each flavour has a rich and complex flavour which combines fruit, ice cream, milk and a rich creaminess so you will want just one more sip... We mean vape. 

Banana Milkshake: Banana and Cream
Blueberry Milkshake: Blueberries and Cream
Strawberry Milkshake: Strawberries and Cream

The names may not be complex but perfecting the flavour is and we're happy to report that Marine Vapes have done with the Milkshake Man Range. 

Milkshake Man E-Liquid Wholesale:

If you'd like to make a bulk order of Milkshake Man at some of the UK's lowest prices then you can. All you need to do is apply for a wholesale account and once accepted, sign in! You'll see all the prices and get priority next-working day postage.