Marshmallow Man

Marshmallow Man E-Liquid by Marina Vapes

If you love marshmallows and have been looking for a vape that tastes like realistic marshmallows then you just hit the sweet jackpot! Marshmallow Man E-Liquid managed to capture the unique and delicious flavour of marshmallows and harness its rich, sweet, creamy and fluffy taste without the guilt of eating the sugary treat. 

Marshmallow Man is the divine work of Master Mixologists Marina Vapes and the three flavour combinations mix marshmallows with Vanilla, Caramel or Strawberries to create a range that will keep you coming back for more. Provided in handy 50ml bottles that will last long enough for you to enjoy day-in day-out... Like a big bag of fluffy marshmallows.

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Marshmallow Man E-liquid Flavours:

We never tire of delicious marshmallows but it is great to have a little extra when it some to flavours. Marina Vapes have absolutely nailed the taste of Marshmallows and the added ingredients to these 50ml shortfills are simply perfection. Take a look: 
Marshmallow: Vanilla Marshmallow
Marshmallow Man 2: Marshmallow, Vanilla and Gooey Caramel
Marshmallow Man 3: Marshmallow and Strawberries

Marshmallow Man E-Juice Wholesale

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