Donuts E-Liquid by Marina Vapes 

The donut flavour e-liquid is always popular but only Marina vapes can do it justice. With it's rich range of pastry and dough flavours, sweet fruits, cream and milk, the Donuts range is going to become your go-to, all-day vape! 
If you've ever indulged in a tray of glazed doughnuts then you will already know what this range is all about: Fantastic puffed pastry, sweet fruits and luxurious chocolate. But now you can indulge without worrying about your waistline. 
The Donuts E-liquid range is perfect for the sub-ohm vaping setup with 90% VG for making massive cloud but a rich flavour that will keep you coming back for more. 

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Donuts E-Liquid At Wholesale Prices:

We're proud to be importers of Marina Vapes Donuts E-liquid range and supply to the UK Vaping market at wholesale prices. We ensure that we carry plenty of stock for bulk purchases and we'll provide next working day delivery if the orders come in before 2pm. Just make sure that you're signed up and signed in to your wholesale account to view the prices.

The Donuts E-Liquid Range of Flavours:

If you love doughnuts like we do then you will adore the Donuts Eliquid range of flavours. Each one is lovely crafted and we recommend having a few on hand to work your way through... Just a tray of fresh donuts! 

Blueberry: Doughnut and blueberry
Choco: Doughnut and chocolate
Kronuts: Croissants and cream
Pbls: Fruit, cereal and milk. (Fruit Pbls flavour!)
Strawberry: Strawberry, Cereal and Milk

... So the names may be pretty straightforward but the flavour as a hole (whole - doughnuts... ahh nevermind) is pretty complex and delicious!