Bombshell E-Liquid

If you demand truly iconic vaping then there is only one brand that will suit you... And you've found it: Bombshell E-liquid by High Class Vape Co.
These 50ml shortfills are so very classy and sophisticated that you'll be transported back to a time when icons were true icons because these flavours are true flavours. Named after some of the most beautiful women that ever lived, you will find these flavours are sweet, seductive and alluring. In fact, you may need to keep more than one on standby as these delicious mistresses of the vape world will convince you that too much is never enough. 
You will get a taste of heaven with Bombshell e-liquid and you may want to keep it on the down-low... With the high-class content, iconic labelling, kosher graded base, delectable flavours and undeniable style. 
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Bombshell E-Liquid Flavours:

We currently stock three of the most delicious flavours you could possibly imagine, graced with the beauty that was inspired by true icons of the golden era of cinema, each with their own unique and delicious taste:

Audrey: Lemon Cake and Sweet Sugar
Marilyn: Strawberry and Soft Marshmellow
Sophia: Berries and Koolada

Bombshell E-Juice Wholesale:

You can buy this delectable range at wholesale prices in the UK. We're fully stocked for bulk orders of the beauties and all you have to do to reveal the low prices is sign up for a wholesale account. Once that's done, you can sign in and start ordering these gorgeous girls. They will look great in any vape shop!