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Element - Watermelon Chill

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Refreshing watermelon meets the smooth chill of mint. This unique vape liquid is the perfect remedy to beat the heat.

Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

10ml Bottle


Element e-liquid available for wholesale orders.



When I vaped this juice I was left with the sensation that it was almost exactly like eating watermelon that you’ve left to chill in the fridge. It is quite cold but not face freezing.

The watermelon taste is so very natural with a hint of sweetness. This juice was really exceptional and I enjoyed it a great deal. I think that due to it to having a very neutral flavour it would make a very refreshing all day vape no matter what you're in the mood for,

I found the throat hit to be mild with an excellent vapour being produced. (Planet Of The Vapes)

If chemistry class was this delicious, we'd never have left high school! Element e-liquids have switched up the periodic table with 8 mind blowing vape flavour combinations; each one has been scientifically formulated to create an explosion of taste, resulting in nothing but a positive reaction.

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