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Vape Breakfast Classics - Pancake Man

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Flavour: Pancake, Cream, Strawberry, Syrup

VG/PG Ratio: 80/20


This is everything that was expected and more, a dominant and full pancake flavour swirling in a delicious underlying strawberry, a buttery cream and a well balanced sweet golden syrup. As far as pancake flavors go seach no more.

Vape Breakfast Classics E-Liquid

The Vape Breakfast Classic e-juice range celebrates great American breakfast flavours that will delight your tastebuds without attacking your waistline! 
The Vape Breakfast Classics range was created in October of 2014 with a love of sweet breakfast flavours that we rarely get to enjoy in the UK. Originally created for the enjoyment of the companies' members, the secret was eventually unleashed on the rest of the world and sweet, rich flavours became instant classics.
We provide the convenient triple pack of 3x10ml bottles in the two flagship flavours that combine syrups, fruits and pancakes to make a taste that cannot be beaten! 

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