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Heroes - Chuck Vaperris 50ml (Shortfill)

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Flavours: Spearmint, Citrus, Cucumber

The taste of citrus sets the pace of the flavour, combined with fresh cucumbers and cool mint as an addition to this bouquet of freshness. Chuck Vaperris delivers roundhouse kicks of flavour to the taste buds and that's a #chuckfact

Nicotine: 0mg

50ml Liquid / 60ml Bottle


Heroes Premium e-liquid available for wholesale orders.

Heroes E-Liquid 50ml Shortfills

The Heroes e-liquid range is styled on the heroic icons we grew up wanting to be: Arnie, Bruce, Chuck, Jean-Claude and Stallone. Each flavour packs one heck of a punch with their sweet desserts, rich fruits or cool mints and each one is as individual as their iconic namesakes. 
With cool packaging and 50ml shortfills, the Heroes e-liquid range will transport you back to the 80's when the good guys always saved the days and the taste explosion will give you a kick

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