Funkmaster Eliquid: Flakes, Nanas & Berries

Funkmaster Eliquid takes breakfast cereal very serious. So seriously in fact, that they have taken the time to absolutely perfect the taste of crunchy frosted cornflakes with cold, refreshing milk and add some cool flavours to that so you'll have an all-day vape that you will love! 
... And what an all-day vape it is! Supplied in 80ml bottles so you won't run out in a hurry, the Funkmaster E-juice range is absolute perfection for the cereal-killers out there!

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Funkmaster E-Liquid Flavours:

Supplied in big, 80ml bottles, we know that you're going to want a lot of the delicious Funkmaster E-juice range. And why wouldn't you? With its perfect flavour combinations of frosted cornflakes combined with vanilla, fruit or berries, you will keep coming back for more. 
*Remember: Funkmaster is for life, not just for breakfast:

Funkmaster Flakes: Frosted Cornflakes, Milk and Bananas
Funkmaster Nanas: Frosted Cornflakes, Milk and Vanilla
Funkmaster Berries: Frosted Cornflakes, Milk and Berries.

Funkmaster E-Liquid Wholesale:

Want to buy the stunning Funkmaster E-liquid range in bulk? We do ultra-low prices for UK vape shops and e-liquid outlets.

All you need to do sign up for a wholesale account and ensure you are signed in. You'll be able to see the prices for the Funkmaster range and every other range as well as feeling the benefit of next working day delivery!