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Froot - Bango

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The best possible follow up on froots first e-liquid. BANGO! Quickly becoming a well known name as its perfect blend of banana and mango give for one of the most flawless vapes out there. "A simple yet perfectly executed liquid". Along with its elegant design and charm this super juice and line makes a perfect addition to any store or collection.

Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

3 x 10ml Pack


Froot e-liquid available for wholesale orders.


Review: The smell of Bango after opening the bottle is quite something else, there's nothing artificial about it, I can quite clearly pick up on the mango with the banana in the background. I half expected the mango to be the most dominant flavour here given the scent from the bottle, however the first flavour I picked up on was banana, and it wasn't artificial banana either but an authentic tasting one. The mango adds a sweet texture to the eliquid, and doesn't overpower the banana, the two flavours blend together superbly well making for a tasty and exotic vape! (Planet Of The Vapes)

Forget gimmicks. Forget over-complicated. Introduce yourself to Froot; a sophisticated freshly pressed e-juice that delivers nothing but the pure, mouth-watering flavours of your favourite fruits. An all-day vape liquid that's so moreish, it'll have you coming back again and again. Choose Razberi or Bango for your wholesale order now!

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