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FJ's E-liquid - Churronimo

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Flavours: Churros, Vanilla, Ice cream

This insane fusion of vanilla bean ice cream mashed between two delicious churro’s and covered in sweet brown sugar is sure to have you asking people, “Will you be the cinnamon to my churro?” A great vape liquid for dessert lovers everywhere.

Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

10ml Bottle


FJ's e-liquid available for wholesale orders.


Review: Oh man, oh man.  Cinnamon churro.  This flavor has been beaten into the ground, in my opinion.  Lots of companies give it a go with their own version of the illustrious cinnamon flavor and don’t always nail it.  FJ has in fact nailed it.

The cinnamon churro inhale mixed with brown sugar gives this a rich and hearty inhale without the dreaded cinnamon flavor hell that a lot of people experience.  This is very sweet vape with a creamy vanilla ice cream finish that is nothing short of impressive.  These guys really know their ice cream flavors!


FJ's have magnificently captured the experience of munching your way through a giant sized tub of ice cream, and crammed it all into a yummy 10ml e-liquid bottle. Pure indulgence is packed into all FJ's vape flavours, including the smooth, sweet gourmet strawberry and ice cream sandwich flavour profile found in Cookie Craze, while Churronimo teases the palate with a moreish combination of sweet vanilla and warm cinammon.

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