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Alternativ - Iota 50ml (Shortfill)

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Flavours: Mango, Peach, Candy

Iota stands tall in a new and exciting line of Candy inspired, Menthol infused fruit-flavors that will surely wake up your taste buds and satisfy the sweet tooth. Iota E-Juice has a revitalizing base of tropical Mangos and juicy Peaches that’ve been smashed together to provide a delicious Hard-Candy vape juice that’s quite unlike anything you’ve ever tasted! This Fruit Candy mixture is topped off with a cooling Menthol breeze to deliver a well-rounded vape that ages remarkably well.

Iota takes you to a tropical paradise with an eliquid full of flavour! Mango and Peach are sliced together in this shortfill vape with a cool hit of menthol for that much needed breeze on a sunny beach!

Nicotine: 0mg

50ml Bottle


Alternativ Eliquid available for wholesale at Vape Orders.

Alternativ E-liquids

Alternative E-liquids are exactly what the name suggests: An alternative to just about every other e-liquid range out there. Coming all the way from L.A, the Alternative e juice range take their inspiration from the rich, sweet fruit candy flavours you find in the US. Then they add a cool hit of menthol to make every vape a wicked experience with a nice throat hit. Even the hottest day will feel cool with the fruit-menthol combo! 

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