Alternativ E-liquids

Alternative E-liquids are exactly what the name suggests: An alternative to just about every other e-liquid range out there. Coming all the way from L.A, the Alternative e juice range take their inspiration from the rich, sweet fruit candy flavours you find in the US. Then they add a cool hit of menthol to make every vape a wicked experience with a nice throat hit. Even the hottest day will feel cool with the fruit-menthol combo! 

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Alternativ E-Liquid Flavours:

Alternativ e-liquids are exactly what the name suggests: An alternative flavour that will make a welcome all-day vape. If you like your clouds tasty then take a look at the Alternativ menu:

Alpha: Grape and Apple
Beta: Peach, Apple, Candy and Menthol
Delta: Strawberry, Watermelon, Candy
Iota: Mango, Peach, Candy
Omega: Lemon, Pineapple, Menthol

Alternativ E-Liquid At Wholesale Prices:

We're proud to stock Alternativ e juice at wholesale prices for our UK Vape shop owners. Hailing all the way from Los Angeles, California, Alternativ really is a flavour range unlike anything else. The closest thing we can liken is to is sticks of rock but that does not really do it justice. If you took Jolly Ranchers and added a little kick of menthol then you would be somewhere close to this intensely sweet but cooling flavour. 

The Vape Orders team is happy to provide the Alternativ e-juice range to our stockists and buyers at the lowest prices online.