AV Liquid Lyfe

AV Liquid Lyfe has a huge following from being one of the original players in the game when vaping first exploded onto the scene. With a strong influence of all things American and a huge supporter of the military with their inspired liquids and mods. 
This full impact range has a little for everyone with their signature flavours.

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Avid Liquid Lyfe Flavours. 

 A stunning example of experienced vapers combining their knowledge to create a small but incredible juice range. From the mouthwatering "A.D" with its minty milkshake notes to the throwback to childhood "treats" and its rice crispy and marshmallow goodness. 

AV Lyfe Range

Avid Lyfe Treats - Marshmellow, Rice crispy treats, Dulce de leche
Avid Lyfe A.D - Vanilla Ice Cream, Minty SHamrock Syrup. 
Avid Lyfe Shakes - Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry

Avid Liquid Lyfe at Wholesale prices

We are proud to offer AV Lyfe E-Liquids at wholesale prices for uk customers.