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Twelve Monkeys - Tropika 50ml (Shortfill)

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Flavours: Tropical Fruits

Inspired by their primal cousins to the south, Twelve Monkeys has crafted a perfectly balanced vape of exotic tropical fruits combined carefully to result in one of the most palate pleasing e-liquid blends known to man. This pleasing, but not overpowering concoction of tropical fruits is the perfect complement for any daydreaming, beach vacationing aficionado. Sit back and give your taste buds an exotic vacation while they attempt to identify what the fruits are!

Nicotine: 0mg



Twelve Monkeys e-liquid available for wholesale orders.


Another one for the fruit lover, Tropika is the perfect vape to compliment not only Mangabeys, but Kanzi too. It’s a fruit blend that keeps you guessing, as it seems to offer something different each time. The actual blend is a closely guarded secret but I primarily pick up pineapple and mango, with citrus notes as well, and when vaping at over 50w, watermelon seems to come into play too. It’s a 90VG blend but it definitely packs a full bodied flavour punch, it’s one of the most strongest and sweetest of the Twelve Monkeys flavour range. If you like your juices to keep you guessing, Tropika will be the one for you! (Planet Of The Vapes)

They've landed! The critically acclaimed Twelve Monkeys e-liquid brand have arrived at Vape Orders. Boasting unique and delicious e-liquids, each one carefully created to tantalise the tastebuds; from the sweet, gourmand notes in Macaraz to the punchy fruitiness in Matata, we promise that you and your customers will go ape for these fantastic juices!

All Twelve Monkeys e-liquids available at wholesale prices now... In 50ml Shortfills or 3x10ml packs supplied in an attractive case.

Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid At Wholesale Prices

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