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Pomme - Deux 50ml (Shortfill)

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Flavour: Double Apple

Deux packs a punch with a Double Apple vape flavour; a sour hit of Granny Smith with a sugary sweet finish. A great adaptation of the classic shisha flavour. 

Nicotine: 0mg

50ml Liquid / 60ml Bottle


Pomme e-liquid available for wholesale orders.

A whole new meaning to the phrase 'How do you like them apples?' - With three epic vape flavours to choose from, we know you'll love these inspired e-liquids.  All flavours boast a magnificent apple flavour, but each one has a unique twist; Bon Bon combines slowly cooked apples with warm cinnamon to create a Baked Apple Crepe, Deux packs a punch with a Double Apple vape, and Rouge teases the tastebuds with a sweet bite of Red Delicious. 

3 apple flavoured vape e-liquids from the US.

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