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Naked 100 - Hawaiian Pog (Shortfill)

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Treat your taste buds, demand something refreshing and bright! Hawaiian pog combines the tartness of a passion fruit, mouthwatering orange and the tropical flavor of a guava giving you that perfect tropical island feel. Perfectly blended for your “all day vape”.

Nicotine: 0mg

50ml Liquid / 60ml Bottle


Naked 100 e-liquid available for wholesale orders.

Review: Hawaiian POG has now moved into one of my top 2 in the Naked 100 line. Tropical vapes are not my first choice when choosing e-liquids until now. Naked 100 nailed this flavor. It is a sweet juice but very well balanced. Its literally impossible to put down once you start vaping it. Passion fruit is the strongest on the inhale, with orange being prominent on the exhale. The Guava hints round it off beautifully. If you like tropical flavors, buy it!

Naked 100 E-Liquid is Beautifully handcrafted in California by the Schwartz E-liquid group.

The ethos around this stunning range is to deliver a simple and clean vaping experience without compromising on flavour, this is achieved by using only the best ingredients available and extensive testing to ensure the best possible flavour for that all day vape. 

This exclusive range has a host of flavours to suit every palate from the mouthwatering presence of the Amazing Mango all the way to the timeless notes of Unicorn with its creamy strawberry texture to entice any vaper old or new. 

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