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Naked 100 Candy - Sour Sweet (Shortfill)

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Flavour: Sour Citrus Candy

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Sour Sweet by Naked 100 Candy presents an irresistibly refreshing lime infused soft candy covered in the perfect blend of sweet sugar and sour sugar.

Review: The inhale exhibits a strong base of lime with a distinct tart and or sour taste.
With a sweet and equally strong lime exhale. None of the flavors overpower
the other, making the candy vape experience an all day vape. And even
though it strays from the original fruit based flavors we all fell in love with,
the use of the fresh lime flavoring keeps the fruit concept still going. (ejuicevapor.com)

Naked 100 E Liquid is a brand manufactured by The Schwartz E Liquid group which has a vision of fruity simple flavor profiles that don't require hyping, the experience hypes itself. Naked 100 E Liquid aims to provide you with a cleaner, more natural tasting vape juice experience than you've become accustomed to. Entries like Lava Flow, Green Blast, and Amazing Mango challenge you to vape better.

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