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Element - Pink Lemonade

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Flavours:Red Fruit, Lemon

 A slight tang on the tongue gives way to a smooth citrus exhale. A perfect adaptation of the classic nostlagic beverage, resulting in a truly fantastic vape. 

Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

10ml Bottle


Element e-liquid available for wholesale orders.




While I’ve enjoyed lemonade ever since I was a kid but I honestly had no clue what Pink Lemonade actually is. According to the Internet, Pink Lemonade is traditional lemonade that is coloured with fruit, usually raspberries or cranberries but apparently a long time ago they did actually use food colouring.

This juice is a very traditional tasting lemonade that I believe has been combined with raspberries. At least that’s the fruit I think is in there. The lemonade has that very refreshing citrus quality you might expect. Do bear in mind it is that old fashioned type of lemonade and not like Sprite or 7UP.

I did enjoy this juice and I felt that the mix itself was excellent but if I wanted to be ever so slightly choosy I would say I liked other juices in the range more than this one.

Of course if you are a lemonade fan then you will probably be buying this in large quantities. I would say throat hit was mild but occasionally edged slightly towards a medium hit, probably on account of the citrus. Vapour production was excellent. (Planet Of The Vapes)

If chemistry class was this delicious, we'd never have left high school! Element e-liquids have switched up the periodic table with 8 mind blowing vape flavour combinations; each one has been scientifically formulated to create an explosion of taste, resulting in nothing but a positive reaction.

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