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XXX™ BLACK 20700

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XXX™ BLACK 20700 - 30A Continuous 3100 mAh

These batteries have a continuous discharge of 30A with a capacity of 3100Mah. Perfect for sub ohm devices or getting all day life out of your devices. 

XXX Batteries at Wholesale Prices

We are proud to be able to offer XXX batteries at wholesale prices to UK customers.

XXX Vape Batteries Wholesale

We provide wholesale Vape batteries in the form of the XXX™ range. Providing exceptional reliability and power, XXX™ batteries are perfect for a wide range of vaping mods, devices and paraphernalia. Because you can order XXX™ batteries in bulk, you can make large savings on the RRP, allowing your vape store to make a profit.

We currently stock the following wholesale XXX™ models:

XXX™ XL - 26650

XXX™ Black - 18650 & 20700

XXX™ Red - 18650, 20700 & 21700

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