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Welcome to the Vape Orders blog!

As an established vaping wholesaler based in the UK, we take a keen interest in vaping news, updates, changes in the law regarding vaping, new technologies, breakthroughs and anything that pushes vaping forward.

As passionate vapers ourselves, we know what you guys want because we want it too. We’ll try to keep this blog interesting to us because we know that will be interesting to you. We’ve been in the vape scene for a while and it’s come a very long way in that time. Feel free to check back here for regular content… Comment and get involved!

What is the difference between Nic Salts and Nic Freebase?
Nicotine Salt has recently risen in popularity due to the preferred experience. When vaping traditional freebase nicotine, most vapers wouldn’t…
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What is Vaping and where did it start?
In recent months Vaping has rarely been out of the news. Reports of illnesses, deaths, flavour bans and protests are…
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E-liquids Explained banner image
E-liquids Explained
So, what are the key things you need to know about e-liquids?  Firstly, there are a few key different types used…
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A man dripping juice onto a RDA
Vaping – What’s The Big Deal?
Vaping is still rather new, and many are still discovering the new world of vaping and vapers. There’s so much…
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Man exhaling vapour from an E-cigarette
Welcome to the Vape Orders Blog
Welcome to the launch of the new Vape Orders website and our first blog post!  Vape Orders are fully immersed…
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