Our Brands

At Vape Orders, we only stock brands that we believe in. The people behind the products we sell are creative, driven individuals that share our ambition and passion for success in the vape industry. Below is a list of the brands that we exclusively distribute in the UK:

Froot - In early 2016, there were a lack of brands that created pure, clean fruit flavours. Many brands had over-complicated the profiles in their products, and had flooded the market with cheap, brightly coloured, gimmicky e-liquids that were neither high-quality nor particularly appealing. With an idea for a product that catered for the premium e-liquid palates, Froot e-liquid was born. Using only the finest ingredients, Froot was tested and re-tested to evoke an authentic, true taste.

Pomme - At a European vape show, we met the creator of Strawberry Queen, and were astounded by the amount of hard work that had been put into branding, marketing and production. That same passion has been brought into their new brand, Pomme, which Vape Orders are proud to distribute exclusively. Pomme boasts flavours that centre on apple flavour profiles, each one completely unique from the last.

Officine Svapo - In 2013, at a German Vape Show, we came across the Italian company Officine Svapo; when they explained how much craftsmanship goes into their tobacco e-liquid, it was this passion and dedication that was so fascinating. The tobacco leaves are macerated and aged in oak barrels, allowing the ingredients to develop a true, intense flavour that makes Officine Svapo one of the best tobacco e-liquid creators in the world.

Creative - Another brand that was met whilst travelling was Creative; an exceptional brand that only produce e-liquids containing tobacco free nicotine. Each e-liquid has been meticulously crafted around distinctive flavours; infused cucumber, strawberry and watermelon, each with an unmistakably cool flavour profile that provides a completely unique experience. Having never tried any e-liquid that tasted so refreshing, we were determined to create a relationship with the company, who also awarded Vape Orders with the sole UK distribution of their product.

AV Lyfe - In a hotel bar in Paris, we met AV Lyfe, the creators behind the enormously successful competition mod building brand in the U.S. After a long, in depth conversation about the industry, a companionship was formed. Naturally, when the time came for us to approach companies to work with, AV had begun producing their own range of e-liquids, and instilled their trust in Vape Orders to be the exclusive distributor for the UK.

Marmalade - To conclude last year’s European tour, Vape Orders descended on Madrid, where Marmalade E-Juice creator, Elevate, presented their product as a delicious alternative to many e-liquids on the market, specifically showcasing delicious flavour profiles of orange and apricot. Now one of Vape Orders’ best-sellers, it was the depth and true flavours that made them a vital addition to the line of premium e-liquids.


On our shelves you’ll also find a fantastic range of premium e-liquids, boasting names such as Twelve Monkeys, Dinner Lady, Naked 100 and Illusions; as well as discovering exciting new brands, we recognise that the aforementioned brands have created excellent e-liquids that have been so well received, that they’re now being enjoyed across the globe. We’re proud to represent these huge companies, and work closely with them to bring you the best prices and hot-off-the-press updates on new flavours and limited editions.